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I was referred to Entrekin Insurance, and they have been the best insurance company I have found!  They were very honest, and very pleasant to deal with. They not only saved me a tremendous amount of money on my insurance, but also the rates and coverage provided was off the charts.  Thank you for explaining to me what my coverage was and how it worked!”

Joni R.

I have been paying a ton of money every year for my Homeowners and Auto Insurance and I have not been happy.  I called Entrekin Insurance, and not only did they cut my insurance by more than half, they explained to me what my coverage was, as well as how it worked.  At Entrekin Insurance, they made sure I understood my policies, and I was comfortable with my coverage limits.  Thank you for helping me not just save money, but educating me on what my coverage is and how it works!”

Mike T.

Entrekin insurance saved me a ton of money.  They also explained everything to me so that I understood it, and why I needed the coverage I needed! I received more coverage and paid less money from my previous policies. They saved me on my Homeowners, Auto, and Flood policies.  I would recommend Entrekin Insurance Agency to anyone.”

Dennis D.

I do not like dealing with insurance at all.  Calling Entrekin Insurance was awesome!  Not only did they save me money on my policies, they took the time to explain everything to me.  I appreciated that very much!  I appreciate you treating me as a person, and not just a number!”

Doug K.

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